Multivariate Nursery And Primary School

...a multivariate approach to learning

Learning Support Services


Multivariate counseling program provides education, prevention and intervention services for students. It focuses on the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development guidance. With a dedicated school counselor for each division of school (nursery and primary), Multivariate counselors often provide classroom guidance lessons and individual counseling, facilitate student groups, coordinate school-wide programs and host parent forums and seminars.

The aim of the learning support program is to ensure academic and social success. When nursery and primary school students are English language learners or in need of academic support that extends beyond the regular classroom, they may be enrolled in the learning support program.

Depending on student needs and curricular demands, support is provided during class time and also outside of school hours.

Learning support is a fee-based program which incurs an annual fee for students enrolled. Contact Admissions office for further enquiries and enrollment.