Multivariate Nursery And Primary School

...a multivariate approach to learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and their answer can be found below:

Question Answer
Is Multivariate expensive? No, it is about the cheapest private nursery and primary school. The fee has been set to be very affordable through all classes of individual.
What are the details of the entrance examinations? For admission into any class, the child is tested based on speech and knowledge in the basic subjects required of the intending class. The basic examination subject being English language and Mathematics.
How is the meal plan like for children? Children are adequately fed breakfast, snacks, and lunch depending on the package paid for by the parent. Parents are also allowed to pack meals for their children should they wish.
Is there any security measure for pick up and drop off? Parents/Guardians registered with the school are given identification cards and are expected to show this card at the gate before entry/exit with a child is allowed.
Can school fees be paid in instalments? School fees can either be paid termly or annually. Discount is applied on school fees paid for the year and for siblings.
More Enquiry? Contact the Admissions Office with any questions you may have