Multivariate Nursery And Primary School

...a multivariate approach to learning


Multivariate School is a citadel of learning located in a serene, secure and beautiful environment. The school founded on Christian faith deploys a multi-tasking, multi-disciplinary and multi-engaging approach to learning. The focus is to continually meet the developmental and creative needs of the children in line with the three domains of learning – cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The facilities in our school, therefore, provide the children the opportunities to construct their own learning experiences in line with Prof Tyler’s definition of learning experience – “the interaction between the learner and the external conditions of the environment to which he/she can react”. In particular, our classrooms are large and well-equipped with adequate instructional materials that are hands-on, interest-arousing; attention-focused, and promote team building while enhancing individual independence. Multivariate School is a child-centred educational environment that provides early child learning at its best. It is the centre of all round and total education encompassing development and maintenance of high moral standard, positive mental attitude, good habits, analytical and inquisitive minds, and enduring inter-personal relationship that promotes care for others. The teachers are professionally qualified, competent, committed and deploy several learning styles in the delivery of lessons using appropriate technology to meet the varied needs of the children thereby ensuring all-inclusive learning. The school ensures that a child’s attitude determines his/her altitude. This is why Multivariate School is best for your child.


To be a leading educational institution that produces a total child well equipped for the ever- changing World.


To employ the foremost instructional materials along with high quality manpower applying results of continuous multivariate analysis to make our school a centre of academic excellence, high discipline and moral standards, thereby producing children with strong and independent character, dignity and self respect.

Core Values